Why Net Neutrality is Crucial

net neutrality

Now, as all of my phantom readers out there know, I’m a programmer by trade. I use the internet on a daily basis obviously, and I’m pretty much as tech-savvy as a person could possibly be. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m also a libertarian – and what I see from the right on the issue of net neutrality is downright embarrassing. The politicians who are against net neutrality in this country appall me, because if you understood the issue as I do, you’d understand that anybody who’s against net neutrality might as well have a tattoo on their forehead that reads ‘I’m owned by a corporation’.

Can you imagine a world where internet providers can bundle different services and charge you differently based on what sites you visit? The Facebook bundle – $5. The Google bundle – $15. You want to access an adult website? That’ll be $50 a month, thank you very much. Without net neutrality, this is exactly what will happen. Net neutrality is the only way to keep the internet the way it is now – a brilliant network where free exchange of information can occur. If the ISPs can start separating traffic and bundling stuff together, then you’ll end up with an internet that is structured the same as cable. Sports package costs X, social media package costs Y, if you want access to ESPN you’ll need to pay a premium fee! It’s ridiculous to think about, and the politicians who’re against net neutrality are either too stupid to understand what they’re supporting, or their too corrupt to care (just look at Ted Cruz’s laughably ignorant take on the subject here).

What angers me even more is that there are so called ‘libertarian’ organizations out there that are opposing net neutrality, but really these organizations like FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity and such are just fronts for big corporate lobbyists and corporatism. Crony capitalism is becoming more and more of an issue in this country – large corporations pay minimal tax, hide their money in other countries and get subsidies from the government in all sorts of industries, whereas small and medium sized businesses struggle to survive because they don’t have the ability to bend the rules in their favor. As a libertarian, one of the things I reckon is most important for the continued success of the nation is to end corporatism. Both the republicans and democrats are guilty of it, and I could probably count on one hand the number of politicians that are in power that don’t have ties/links to one industry or another. Just take a look at this great infographic on the subject – it will make you weep for the future of the nation.

Anyways – that got a bit off topic, but the point is, for anyone who liked the internet in its current form and doesn’t want it to be drastically changed in favor of internet providers and cable companies,  net neutrality is an issue that you should be monitoring very carefully. If you’ve read this and you’re convinced, contact your congressman/senator. Sign a petition. Give money to the organizations that are fighting for your rights to keep the internet the way it is.

Don’t be fooled either – these tax-evading, heavily subsidized corporations won’t go away until they get what they want, and their betting that regular Americans will forget the issue – that our attention span will be stolen by some other fight over some other issue and that we won’t notice when they try and sneak some ridiculous new law into place. Be vigilant, keep monitoring the issue, and eventually we’ll get some leaders in place who actually look out for what’s best for us and for the country.

Why Texas Barbecue is Undeniably the Best


As every American knows (or should know), Texas style barbecue is undoubtedly the best kind of barbecue. Anyone who tells you differently, or extols the virtues of the North Carolina style barbecue (or sour meat, as i like to call it) or the Kansas City ‘super dry’ style over good old fashioned Texas style barbecue is probably a dishonest man who’s looking to trick you into putting some subpar meat into your mouth.

So, why is Texas style the best? Gather round, children – it’s time for a little education.

First things first – Texas barbecue isn’t homogeneous across the state. There are four ‘styles’ that correspond to different regions – Central Texas, East Texas, West Texas, and South Texas. I’m partial to the Central style myself – I like the rub of the Central style better than the sweet/sour tomato sauce they use in East Texas. Central Texan barbecue is characterized by the deep, smoky flavors and the incredibly tender meat – and one of the specialties in Central style is the brisket, which when done correctly is mind numbingly delicious (I’m salivating right now). One of the more famous places that serves this style is Franklin Barbecue in Austin – if you’ve ever been to SXSW or been to Austin for other reasons, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Franklin Barbecue and their ridiculously long lines.

East Texas style barbecue is sauce-based rather than rub based, and that area is more well known for its ribs rather than its brisket, and pork is much more popular, whereas in Central Texas beef is the favored meat. I’m not the biggest fan of the Eastern style – it’s good once in a while, but I much prefer the cleaner and more focused flavors that can be found in Central Texas. For this reason, I’m not super familiar with the best Eastern style BBQ joints.

There is also Western style BBQ – it’s also known as ‘cowboy’ style which uses direct heat rather than the smoking method that is popular in the rest of the state. Cowbow style barbecue is pretty rustic, but the problem is that (as far as I understand), the direct heat is too hot and isn’t really the appropriate temperature, so the meat can sometimes be a bit tougher than one would like. Southern style is very influenced by our Spanish speaking neighbors to the south, and is much more similar to Mexican style ‘barbacoa’ rather than anything you’d fine north of the border.

The main reason why Texan style, and specifically Central Texan style barbecue is the best is because it is undeniably the purest form of barbecue. No other region treats the product with as much respect – we don’t slather sauce on, we don’t cut the meat up and mush it together – if you come to Central Texas, you get meat at its very best – smoky, slightly spicy, full-flavored and tender. My personal belief – and no offense is meant here – is that the other regions use their various concoctions of sauces to hide the fact that they just don’t know how to cook meat like we do. Who am I kidding – offense was very much meant.

For those of you looking for more information about Texas (and other, inferior) styles of barbecue, this article on eater has a lot of great information.


11 Penguin


Hi yall,

The first thing you may be thinking is – “what a weird name for a website”. Allow me to explain.

I grew up in Texas on 11 Penguin Street (don’t try to check on maps, there are a number of places that have this address), and when I was a kid I basically started using 11penguin as a screen name on AOL and other such ancient websites. I got used to the name, and it basically stuck with me through my teenage years and nowadays I basically use it for everything that I do online. I still live in Texas (although not at 11 Penguin any longer), and I’m a full time programmer and web developer. I called this site 11Penguin because that’s my online identity, and I plan to basically broadcast my thoughts to the world from right here. Things I may talk about include gaming (I spend far too much time gaming), web development and programming (and really anything else technology related that may be linked to my work/of interest to me professionally) and obviously the great best State of Texas. Also, as a red blooded american male, I am interested in both acquiring and eating meat – by acquiring meat, I of course mean hunting. By eating meat, I mean exactly that – and in particular I like a good old Texas style barbecued brisket – that North Carolina sour vinegar nonsense is not for me.

I occasionally may stray in politics on this blog, and if you don’t like it, well that’s too damned bad for you – ain’t nobody forcing you to read this blog. I’m libertarian leaning on most issues, but more than that, I’m a practical person – and practicality in something sorely lacking in American leadership at this moment. As far as I’m concerned, both congress and the white house are doing an awful job, and I feel like the American people should use the next presidential election in 2016 to vote every single incumbent out of office – maybe then we’d get some competent leadership from one of the parties.

There may be those of you who read this blog who might think that they know my identity in real life. I’d politely ask you to stop thinking about it, and if you can’t help it , then stop reading. The whole point of having this little corner of the internet to myself is so that I can broadcast my unfiltered thoughts and ideas to the world (or to whatever poor soul happens to be reading). It is by definition a narccisitic, vain exercise – I’m writing to nobody for pretty much no reason. If you happen to come across this blog via some absurd internet deep dive, you should know that the intention of the blogger here is not neccesarily for people to read it – that part is incidental. This is just a safe space for me to put my thoughts down on metaphorical paper – a place to rant about what I want, talk about the things I like, and so on. If you’re offended by something here or you think I’m wrong – well, I don’t particularly care. Feel free to contact me through the contact page, but if I were you I wouldn’t expect a response unless you send me something that is actually interesting to me.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

Texas is the best.

Barbecue is delicious.

11Penguin out.


Using my carry-on luggage as my laptop bag

We Texans love staying in Texas. But sometimes we have to leave our lovely state. Last July my work told me there was an interesting conference about programming apps. As mobile phones and tablets are becoming more and more important in our daily lives so are the apps on them. We rely more and more on them.

Unfortunately the event didn’t take place in Texas but in Florida. So my company proposed I would book a flight (and hotel for 1 night) and they would return me the money afterwards.

Booking my flight

I had never flown before so to be honest I was a bit scared. I didn’t know where I could get the best airline tickets. I searched online for a bit and eventually I came out on the site of Delta Airways who fly from Texas to Florida.

I didn’t check for any cheaper airline tickets as the company said they were going to pay me back.

I booked business class tickets and I immediately received a confirmation e-mail with my airline ticket. I printed it out and the next day at work I told them the amount it cost me so they could refund me.

What did I pack in my carry-on luggage

Because this was my first flight I didn’t have any experience with packing for air travel. So again I looked on the internet and found the best carry-on luggage for my trip. I didn’t need more bags because I would only be there for 1 day and would return the next day.


I went by cab to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Once there I didn’t need to check in any bags because I only had a carry-on luggage. So all things went rather quick and in no time I was aboard my flight. On the plane I put my carry-on bag in the overhead bin. However this wasn’t so easy due to the wheels that weren’t retractable. But after a while I managed to put my carry-on in there and I was ready for the departure of my first airplane travel.

The event

The event itself was very interesting. It started at 10:30 AM sharp. My plane arrived in Florida at 9:00 AM. So I was there in time. I ordered a cab and it drove me straight from the airport to the event. Luckily my carry-on is a rollaboard so I could easily take it with me to the event.

There were some big and important keynote speakers from the industry sharing their view on apps and how they will become even more important in our future lives.

There were also some more technical interesting presentations like how to develop an app for multiple platforms at once by using Javascript and HTML5.

How was Florida

To be honest I haven’t seen much of Florida during my stay. The event lasted until 5:00 PM and afterwards there was a networking event.

It was cooler than Texas and people were friendly. They had some massive buildings and it looked all very modern if I compare it with my hometown in Texas.

Coming back home

Coming back home I almost forgot to take my carry-on luggage with me. Luckily at the last moment when checking out of my hotel I remembered that I had a bag with me. I had no problems with my flight back to Texas and even my carry-on luggage nicely fitted into the overhead bin without any problems this time.

All about horse insurance

I recently bought a horse and had to decide whether or not to get horse insurance for it. Although equine insurance is not cheap, my conclusion was that yes I should. The main reason for this is that if a horse ever gets ill or injured – as they often do – the bills can be huge, mainly in vet’s bills. If you’re in the same situation as I was, I’ve put together some of the things you should be looking out for when choosing insurance for your horse.

The Basics


How much you need to pay for this will depend on how much excess you choose. If you have a large excess then your premiums will be lower, but if your horse gets injured you will still have to pay out quite a lot if it ever gets injured or ill.


The other key thing you need to have covered. Horses are expensive and you need to tell the insurance company exactly what it is worth so that if it is stolen, they will pay out. Some companies have a maximum amount that they will pay out, so it’s important to find out what that is in case it’s less than your horse is worth.


Insurers will generally cover this but it will only be if the horse dies of natural causes, not if it dies of old age. Most insurers will only insure horses up to the age of about 17, after this you have to get specialist insurance for older horses, and naturally this is a lot more expensive.


Personal accident insurance

This type of insurance pays out if you have an accident on your horse, or if anyone else does.

Public liability insurance

This covers you in case your horse damages someone else, or their property. It’s worth thinking about getting this because if your horse does damage someone else, the claims against you could be huge.

Equine equipment

You can also insure all the equipment that you need for the horse, such as the trailer to carry it around, and the tack and saddlery. But you’ll need to be sure that they are kept locked up somewhere, or the insurer won’t pay out.
You can insure the stable where the horse is kept.


As with most animal and human insurance, you won’t be covered for any illnesses that the horse already has.

How to find cover

As with all insurance, the best thing to do is to shop around and look at all the options available. Some of the comparison sites include animal insurance, but not all of them.It’s crucial to look at all the clauses in the insurance so you know exactly what you are and are not covered for. You can lower costs by having more than one horse on the same policy and by insuring the horse when it is young, although of course you will then by paying premiums for longer. Having a higher excess will also make the premium you pay cheaper, although you need to make sure you can still afford the excess that you will have to pay.

Check out more solutions to pet problems here

Taking a Friend to Lake Whitney for Paddleboarding

A friend of mine knows how much fun I have when I take my standup paddle board out to one of many different lakes here – especially my favourite Texas lake: Lake Whitney – and how you can even fish from them if you want. He’s interested in getting started, but he’s not sure where to start. Since I was giving him all my advice about how to find the best standup paddle board for what he wants to do and my secrets for what to always have on him—the best survival knife you own should be on that list—I thought I’d share those tips for anyone else who is interested, too.

Hitting the lake is pure fun, but just in case you need something more, there are tons of benefits of taking up the sport. You don’t just get an arm or upper body workout. Paddleboarding gives you an intense, full-body workout. You’re using your core to keep yourself upright and to keep your balance, and if you’re out there on a windy day, you’ve got the currents that you’re working against to move the weight of your body and your board through the water. Since it’s a low impact workout, you’re not going to be doing any damage, but you’ll definitely feel the cardio and muscle-building benefits.

When you’re new to paddleboarding, the first thing that you need to do is to find the best standup paddle board for your purposes. As a beginner, you’re probably not going to be doing long distance trips or racing, but that option is available. Racing boards are more angular, with a pointed hull so that they can cut through the water cleanly. For normal usage, you’re going to want a planing hull. These are rounder with a flat, wide board surface. These types of boards ride easily on the water and take waves well. They’re more stable than other types of boards, and you can always graduate up if you want.
Once you sort out the type, get one that’s the right length and width for your purposes. Medium boards—about nine to 12 feet in length—are a stable, average length. As far as width goes, the wider you choose, the more stable the board is going to be in the water. If you’re a beginner, go 30 inches wide or wider.

For a lot of folks, just getting out there for a few minutes on a standup paddle board is adventure enough. But once you get your bearings, you’re going to want to do more. And you’ll probably be out there a lot longer than you expect. For yourself, you should make sure you pack some of the following:
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Water shoes
• A camera, as well as a waterproof case
Depending on what else you plan on doing, you may also want things like fishing gear or snorkeling gear. No matter what, though, bring the best survival knife that you can. You never know when you’ll end up in a situation where you’ll need to cut your ankle leash or free yourself from some sort of debris. A good knife can be your best friend in those situations.

So there aren’t any more excuses. Paddle boarding is great for you, it’s a lot of fun, and you know how to find the best board and what you need to bring with you. So get out there!

So Apparently Texas is Overrun with Scabies

Or at least that’s how it feels right now after what I’ve been going through

Me, my friends, my family… we’re all dealing with this plague.

It started when I went to visit some relatives in Austin. It was a good time BBQing and shooting the shit with the guys but I ended up bringing home some new friends with me… Who are these “friends” you might ask? Well they’re mites. Scabies Mites. And they’re damn hard to deal with and driving me crazy.

It took me awhile to figure out what was plaguing me. About a week after retuning home to Houston I started getting itchy. Really ****ing itchy.

What could it be? I know food allergies make me get a bit more itchy. And I did eat a ton of food I’ve been told to avoid near the end of our stay. But no. This itchy feeling was insanity. I was digging at my skin like an insatiable animal. Scratching and scratching, but no relief. “What is happening to me??” I kept saying, over and over.

It didn’t take me long to decide that something was seriously up. This wasn’t you’re average allergic response to crappy food.

So I did some research. Googled some terms like “itchy all night can’t sleep” and “I’m so itchy I want to scratch my skin off”. Terms I doubt people were looking for on average – because people don’t feel like this on average!

I discovered plenty of information about scabies. When I read about it I was like damn, this has to be what I have. I googled Austin + Scabies and came upon a government issued statement about scabies outbreaks there. Apparently Austin has had a lot of cases of scabies in the last few years.

So now I knew what was up and I had to find out what the hell I could do about this problem. I researched more and found some good info about getting rid scabies. And apparently it’s damn hard to treat. Great I thought…

I’m still working on curing myself and trying not to infect other people around me. I’m kind of miserable right now, which is why I made this post. It’s really just a bit of a vent.

If you ever get these scabies mites you have to completely clean your environment and keep everything in your house / car immaculately clean. Anything you touch you have to disinfect. There’s so much cleaning it’s a complete pain in the you know what to be on top of it all.

And that’s not even the hardest part. To actually treat your body is another ordeal entirely. I have to rub this cream all over me. It’s some insecticide called permethrin cream. It’s yucky. And I have to take another insecticide internally called ivermectin. It’s gross man.

And then all the other stuff I have to do just to feel comfortable throughout the day and night. I feel sicker than usual just from all the stuff I’m having to put on/in my body!

If you haven’t gathered already, this has been flipping miserable.
But if you can get anything out of this post, it’s this: be super aware of scabies. If you hear about scabies outbreaks in a certain place / area / region, don’t mess around with it!!!

Trust me.

The only thing that’s been good about this experience is that I got a doctors note that said to stay away from people if I can so I don’t spread the infestation. So I have been able to stay home and program more often which I’ve really been needing to do.

How the recurve bow and throwing knife combination can be useful for hunting

My job requires me to think creatively. Sometimes it is impossible to get creative when I am sitting in the office with four walls. When my brain gets stuck, I often go to the woods and find inspiration from the nature.

Among all the outdoor activities, hunting is probably one of my favourite. It requires stealth, tactics, concentration and skills. In order to hunt successfully, you need to have the right tools. The main weapons I use are the “recurve” bows and throwing knives. Hunting with bow and arrows is something you can rely on.

It is powerful and accurate but sometimes reloading can take times and this is where the throwing knives come in handy. Usually I would start off by shooting an arrow at the prey, when I miss, I would draw my knives out and throw them at the prey. Hunting could be boring if you are using advanced weapons like rifle or bows. This is why I think throwing knife is the new and exciting way to hunt.

Find the right sizes

All you need is focused dedication and practice before you can master the art of hunting with a throwing knife. The first thing you need to look into is to determine the game you intend to hunt. You need to determine the size of your knife accordingly. In general, a dagger or double-edged knife works best. If you are to hunt a large game, then a 12-ounce knife is ideal.

However, for smaller ones, such as a fowl or rabbit, an 8-ounce knife would suffice. I’m telling this from a personal perspective, as I’m used to using both of such knives. Based on the game, you need to determine the knife that would best suit you for the hunting process.

I used to throw my hunting knives at the prey. Many hunting knives have the gut hook, which could be useful while skinning your preys but not so useful when it comes to throwing. After a while, I realised that hunting knives are not made for throwing. They tend to break easily and they don’t have a balance body that gives you an effective throw. The worst thing is that they are quite expensive. So I started doing some research online and found out that there are knives which are made for throwing purpose only. They are not very expensive so I bought a few of them and my only regret is that I should have bought them earlier.

How to pick the best throwing knife

A good throwing knife should be centre balanced. Unlike a hunting knife, a throwing knife shouldn’t be too sharp. You want to draw the knives quickly without looking so a sharp blade might actually hurt yourself if you are not careful. And all you need to kill a prey is the point of the knife, not the blade.

If you are also looking for a good throwing knife for hunting, try the Gil Hibben knives. I have been using this brand for a while and the quality is really good. This high-quality knife is the prime choice in terms of quality that comes with an affordable price tag. It feels extremely sturdy and it has a wonderful grip, this knife has never disappointed me.

Best hunting dogs for apartment living

Whether you are professional or just a seasoned hunter, I bet you know that the most valuable asset in the field is loyal and reliable partner. Many of pet dog breeds will not be very useful for hunting and many of pure hunting “game dogs” cannot adapt to apartment life. In this article, I’ll examine the best breeds for both roles. Generally, the retrievers are suitable for both roles and have good traits of both worlds.

1. Golden retriever

You cannot go wrong with this breed, they are one of the most popular dog breeds in USA and often considered to be the best “family dog”. Known as quite lovable and well-mannered dogs, they also have high intelligence. They get along nicely both with children and other dogs. While they can become disobedient if their owner doesn’t display strong leadership, this breed is easily trained and obedience training can be quite beneficial. Since they are moderately active breed, golden retrievers will do very well in an apartment if they have sufficient (daily) physical exercise. One of the most common problems that owners face is easy weight gain, these dogs can grow way too big if you overfeed them. Make sure you feed the dog only the premium dog food in proper amounts.

This breed will be eager to please you in the field, and soon enough you’ll find that these dogs have an abundance of energy. Most suitable for small-game hunters.

2. Labrador retriever

The most popular breed in USA (according to AKC), labs are also great family dogs. One of the most intelligent breeds, while also being strong, loyal and patient – making them a perfect hunting and life companion. Often used, obviously, to retrieve the prey, these dogs can be trained as pointers too. Labs are quickly and easily trained, especially as puppies. They are good swimmers and love to play in water, making them the best breed for duck hunting, but labs will prove helpful with any type of small game. When it comes to exercise and apartment living, these dogs will behave the same as their cousins golden retrievers.

3. Beagle

Any beagle dog is a loving tail-wagger, happy to be around humans. Very good with children, this breed is often used as a family dog. Despite that fact, these dogs have strong hunting instincts and should not be trusted with cats, birds and other household animals. Firm but patient training is required for this breed. Since the beagles are energetic and have a great stamina, they are very active indoors. They need daily exercise (long walks), make sure you provide your dog with plenty of time outdoors.

Despite its short legs, the Beagle is fast in the field. They also love to chase other animals, which makes them best suited for rabbit hunting.

4. Bloodhound

These dogs are mild-mannered, patient and very good with children. Bloodhounds require firm but calm training, they will positively react to leadership and patience of its owner. If you want a happy and calm dog in your apartment, make sure you take it out for daily walks. When it comes to hunting, the Bloodhound lives up to the expectation. They have unmatched tracking abilities and strong noses which makes them a great hunting companion.

Why You Should Not Buy A Generator For Hunting And Camping Based On Brand Alone

I was watching TV the other day, as usual, I love me some TV. Anyways, I was watching through the commercials and saw an advertisement for Honda. It was this one for their cars. The Honda commercial was talking about dreaming big and that Honda could help you achieve your dreams by pushing harder and faster. Now, this made no sense to me. Yes, it was an analogy to their cars moving faster and them pushing the limits. But all it did was annoy me. I think I get annoyed easily though. Look: I love Honda generators (not the cars) because I’ve owned Honda generators and they are good. But it annoys me that newbies would go into Home Depot (after seeing this commercial) to buy a generator and get Honda because they make fancy commercials. Millions of dollars expensive commercials that add an extra $100 to the price of their generator for “branding”.

So with this in mind, I came to my blog to talk about why you should not buy based on brand. And why you should buy, instead, based on the generator that matches your needs. For example, I take my generator camping and hunting so I need the most portable and best on fuel generator (which happened to be a Yamaha).

Why You Should Not Buy A Genset Based On Brand

I don’t want you to think I hate big brands. I own a Yamaha generator and Briggs & Stratton pressure washer – both huge brands. I just want you to focus less on brand of generator until the end of the buying process. Here’s why.

A company brand is 90% marketing and 10% product quality. Honda sponsors race car events, sports teams and spends millions more on commercials and print ads. They have a $2.7 billion dollar yearly marketing budget according to Forbes. That’s just wild. All that money is aimed at acquiring and keeping their customers. The more you see Honda, the more you are reminded of Honda, the more likely you will buy Honda because you know their brand. None of that has anything to do with the actual Honda product quality compared to Yamaha or other brands.

To put this bluntly: Don’t buy a generator based on brand because the technology is pretty much all the same by now. These companies have been making generators for 50 years. Instead you should buy based on how you will use it.

Why You Should Buy A Generator Based On Style/Type

Briggs & Stratton, Honeywell, Yamaha and Honda all make generators good for camping, good for around the home, good for the jobsite and good for a home emergency. And within each of these styles the price of each machine varies as does the features and specifications.

The most important decision you should make when buying a generator is do you want the most affordable generator at the cost of it being a bit heavier, bigger and louder. Or do you want the most portable and quietest generator at the cost of it being much more expensive. Once you decide that you’re set. Now you know if you want a portable inverter generator or portable conventional generator. But don’t consider brand even yet.

At this point now you need to decide how much power you need. Personally I need just enough to power a spotlight and electric hot pot for coffee. I don’t carry propane with me when camping so I rely on my generator.

Now. Only now should you look at the brand of the generator within this small vertical of the generator selection. If you have 3 options that suit your needs and they are all the same price you are lucky. Most likely though, at this stage, you will have 3 generators that are quite different prices and you will choose the best deal whether it is Honda or Yamaha or whatever.

The Generators I Have Owned Over The Years And The Lessons Learned

I learned this “don’t choose based on brand” lesson because I bought a big name brand riding mower and it didn’t last even through the warranty. No need to name the brand but it really made me think about future purchases in terms of everything except the brand. So don’t make the mistake I did. Don’t pick based on brand.

Can Renewable Energy Out Muscle Government Regulations?

11penguin here again with another note to the internet. Prepare yourself for the best though, because this is going to be good. This week we as humans, will pull our collective jaws off of the floor. Elon Musk has done something so incredibly audacious and intelligent it begs to questions how it hasn’t happened yet. On top of it all, he chose to do it in Gods proudest place, the Texas we know and love. Using pictures of our state as a benchmark against the rest of the United states land mass wise, Elon showed how a minor land mass can power the entirety of the united states. Not too bad Mr. Musk. We always knew Texas was valuable, but those numbers just blew me away. So what exactly is the big stink about this revolutionary new venture and how does it relate to government sanctioned monopolies on the power industry?

Now as any good Texan, I appreciate the value of oil as a liberating and enriching gift from the heavens. It’s liquid gold that has set many people I know onto a path for success and wealthy life experiences. As a programmer though, I am driven by the data and the numbers which don’t look good for our once proud tradition.

The method that we’re even aware of this is revolutionary. Elon himself is a self taught genius. When asked how he learned so much about rockets for his rocket company Spacex, he responded simply with “I read a lot of books” and used plenty of internet resources to guide his education. These internet resources for education are again what has taught us bible thumping, oil slinging Texans, about the real dangers of global warming and the need for renewable energy solutions like the one Mr. Musk suggests. The lesson of self education using technology is a strong new theme these days. This can be seen in the professional world or on the entertainment side of things. You all know that I enjoy video games and can pull up this website for League of Legends guides or this one for elo boosting. Both are designed in some way to educate the user with video. Here an amateur can become a legend by educating himself when he or she is capable and interested. The results are drastic. It makes sense when I speak of it in this way though. Of course you can learn to play a game, but rockets? You might think you need school but I say this is preposterous. And Elon would agree. Access to information and time is all any of us need to become well informed.

Government sanctioned monopolies are contending here with a solid business plan. Users collect solar energy in batteries and then sell energy back to the grid during peak usage hours. This automated technique can turn any location into 100% renewable energy building. Even more so, it allows people to generate revenue by selling excess or investing in energy farms like it’s Giga factory. Of course, some local states prohibit this selling of energy. In fact, many refuse to let you even disconnect from the grid. Like a tax everyone has to pay, the real sinister nature of energy companies is about to be revealed. Unlike education on the need for this tools, the monopoly on litigation versus education in the renewable energy market is really what has be riled up today. It is obscene to think our government, republican or democrat, can allow this bastardization of moral imperative. This disgusts me. Now that Elon has given us all a chance to reliably and cost effectively live off the grid, I may just have to finally go find my own island getaway or foreign depot. Then at least I can claim not to support the lunacy of the state.

Termites Deserve to Die the Harsh Way

I hate termites and since they bothered me, I killed them.

Who loves seeing termites infest their home? The moment they occupy your house, you have no other choice but to crush them to death. I tried doing that once, but I failed. They just kept on coming back. I bought a termite solution in a local store, but it just didn’t work. At times, I just want to find where they hide and step on them individually. Sadly, it is not enough. Though I want to give up, I still want to make sure that they die in a harsh way and they don’t come back anymore.

One day, I stumble upon a friend and we happened to talk about termites as he has faced the same problem too. Luckily, he overcame the problem and is now termite free at home. He then recommended me a company that extinguishes termites in an instant. He said that he also tried other options, but they don’t work. When he hired the said company, they did the job in less than an hour and it was a job well done. Those insects never came back. He said, as they tried to fix the mess up, he even saw some of the termites shake their way to death. The solution solved everything from the roots. The mother of all termites died so there was no way for them to come back. The thought of seeing termites die that way really made me excited.

Getting the right help

Since my friend recommended a company to solve the termite problems, I did not have to research anymore. All I had to do was to call them and set up an appointment. They even have an emergency termite solution service. Thus, if you face the problem in the middle of the night and you can’t sleep, you just have to give them a call.

The only issue here is that the services are a bit expensive. However, if you really want to prevent termite damage, you won’t mind the cost of termite treatment. After all, you only need them once. They will solve the problem right away and you won’t have to go through the same issues over again.

Also, they provide warranty for their services. If the problem keeps on coming back, they can offer another round for free. Therefore, you are assured that you are getting your money’s worth. They also offer services for other insect related issues and not just termites.

Goodbye termites

The look on those termites “faces” when they shake to death really made me excited. I am sorry if I sound so sadistic, but they have made my life miserable. They have made me clean my house several times and even make me wake up in the middle of the night. Therefore, in as much as I wanted to be apologetic for their death, I am not. In fact, if they bother me again, I won’t mind spending a lot of money just to put an end to their lives. They deserve it.

Comparing Texas Politicians to Air Compressors: They’re More Similar than You Think!

One of the most popular performance art pieces in recent years happened in New York, where a woman sat down on a chair, and members of the audience were asked to sit in front of her and interact by touching. Personally, I could not wrap my head around the thought that is now called a performance or that it is art.

Texas has its share of art pieces, but it is not known as a place where modern art would be able to set its roots. There are collectors in Texas. However, these people are presumably rich enough to collect, but may not have the finesse to understand what art is. The state is full of all sorts of millionaires who got their money from all kinds of things. The country has aerospace interests, defense, oil and natural gas, cattle, as well as its own share of the IT industry. It is not uncommon knowledge that Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq all had their starts in Texas.

No matter how many Texan millionaires and billionaires there are, they are no longer like the rich guys of the older generation. They no longer like to flaunt their wealth. The architecture of the state leans towards staid, and steady. It seems that this is a reflection of the way the people like their football, winning at all costs.

Small towns abound here. These are small towns in terms of population, but not in terms of actual land area. There’s a lot of land, and sometimes it feels that there is not enough people. This may explain the underlying sadness of the people. It would also explain the boisterous display these people get into when they meet their friends. It would also explain why art takes a back seat in these parts.

If the people were to be described in terms of art pieces, they would be works by Rodin. Metal, large, and life-like concerned with everyday ideas as if they were of importance. Considering the desert environment, this harsh climate does produce serious looking folks. It is hard to fathom what they are thinking. It is even harder to imagine them outside of their comfort zone.

The Texas mentality is more along the lines of an air compressor, (and it would be a viair 00073 70p heavy duty portable compressor) since we work quietly but efficiently. You’d have to read more than a few small air compressor reviews to find the air compressor model you like, true; and this also applies to choosing your favorite Texan in the realm of politics.

There is a lot to be said about a stereotype. Over the years, it has become fashionable to place a Texan inside a box and define him by the box he occupies. However, that no longer works. Lyndon B. Johnson has almost nothing in common with George W Bush, even though they were both Presidents from the state of Texas. In terms of what they are, it is irrelevant that they are both Texans. Bush has always tried to maintain a cool and clean demeanor, complete with a simple yet elegant use of language. LBJ on the other hand was always known to be the prototypical swearing Texan. He has been described as very creative with the way he lets loose a few choice words.