Why Net Neutrality is Crucial

net neutrality

Now, as all of my phantom readers out there know, I’m a programmer by trade. I use the internet on a daily basis obviously, and I’m pretty much as tech-savvy as a person could possibly be. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m also a libertarian – and what I see from the right on the issue of net neutrality is downright embarrassing. The politicians who are against net neutrality in this country appall me, because if you understood the issue as I do, you’d understand that anybody who’s against net neutrality might as well have a tattoo on their forehead that reads ‘I’m owned by a corporation’.

Can you imagine a world where internet providers can bundle different services and charge you differently based on what sites you visit? The Facebook bundle – $5. The Google bundle – $15. You want to access an adult website? That’ll be $50 a month, thank you very much. Without net neutrality, this is exactly what will happen. Net neutrality is the only way to keep the internet the way it is now – a brilliant network where free exchange of information can occur. If the ISPs can start separating traffic and bundling stuff together, then you’ll end up with an internet that is structured the same as cable. Sports package costs X, social media package costs Y, if you want access to ESPN you’ll need to pay a premium fee! It’s ridiculous to think about, and the politicians who’re against net neutrality are either too stupid to understand what they’re supporting, or their too corrupt to care (just look at Ted Cruz’s laughably ignorant take on the subject here).

What angers me even more is that there are so called ‘libertarian’ organizations out there that are opposing net neutrality, but really these organizations like FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity and such are just fronts for big corporate lobbyists and corporatism. Crony capitalism is becoming more and more of an issue in this country – large corporations pay minimal tax, hide their money in other countries and get subsidies from the government in all sorts of industries, whereas small and medium sized businesses struggle to survive because they don’t have the ability to bend the rules in their favor. As a libertarian, one of the things I reckon is most important for the continued success of the nation is to end corporatism. Both the republicans and democrats are guilty of it, and I could probably count on one hand the number of politicians that are in power that don’t have ties/links to one industry or another. Just take a look at this great infographic on the subject – it will make you weep for the future of the nation.

Anyways – that got a bit off topic, but the point is, for anyone who liked the internet in its current form and doesn’t want it to be drastically changed in favor of internet providers and cable companies,  net neutrality is an issue that you should be monitoring very carefully. If you’ve read this and you’re convinced, contact your congressman/senator. Sign a petition. Give money to the organizations that are fighting for your rights to keep the internet the way it is.

Don’t be fooled either – these tax-evading, heavily subsidized corporations won’t go away until they get what they want, and their betting that regular Americans will forget the issue – that our attention span will be stolen by some other fight over some other issue and that we won’t notice when they try and sneak some ridiculous new law into place. Be vigilant, keep monitoring the issue, and eventually we’ll get some leaders in place who actually look out for what’s best for us and for the country.

Why Texas Barbecue is Undeniably the Best


As every American knows (or should know), Texas style barbecue is undoubtedly the best kind of barbecue. Anyone who tells you differently, or extols the virtues of the North Carolina style barbecue (or sour meat, as i like to call it) or the Kansas City ‘super dry’ style over good old fashioned Texas style barbecue is probably a dishonest man who’s looking to trick you into putting some subpar meat into your mouth.

So, why is Texas style the best? Gather round, children – it’s time for a little education.

First things first – Texas barbecue isn’t homogeneous across the state. There are four ‘styles’ that correspond to different regions – Central Texas, East Texas, West Texas, and South Texas. I’m partial to the Central style myself – I like the rub of the Central style better than the sweet/sour tomato sauce they use in East Texas. Central Texan barbecue is characterized by the deep, smoky flavors and the incredibly tender meat – and one of the specialties in Central style is the brisket, which when done correctly is mind numbingly delicious (I’m salivating right now). One of the more famous places that serves this style is Franklin Barbecue in Austin – if you’ve ever been to SXSW or been to Austin for other reasons, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Franklin Barbecue and their ridiculously long lines.

East Texas style barbecue is sauce-based rather than rub based, and that area is more well known for its ribs rather than its brisket, and pork is much more popular, whereas in Central Texas beef is the favored meat. I’m not the biggest fan of the Eastern style – it’s good once in a while, but I much prefer the cleaner and more focused flavors that can be found in Central Texas. For this reason, I’m not super familiar with the best Eastern style BBQ joints.

There is also Western style BBQ – it’s also known as ‘cowboy’ style which uses direct heat rather than the smoking method that is popular in the rest of the state. Cowbow style barbecue is pretty rustic, but the problem is that (as far as I understand), the direct heat is too hot and isn’t really the appropriate temperature, so the meat can sometimes be a bit tougher than one would like. Southern style is very influenced by our Spanish speaking neighbors to the south, and is much more similar to Mexican style ‘barbacoa’ rather than anything you’d fine north of the border.

The main reason why Texan style, and specifically Central Texan style barbecue is the best is because it is undeniably the purest form of barbecue. No other region treats the product with as much respect – we don’t slather sauce on, we don’t cut the meat up and mush it together – if you come to Central Texas, you get meat at its very best – smoky, slightly spicy, full-flavored and tender. My personal belief – and no offense is meant here – is that the other regions use their various concoctions of sauces to hide the fact that they just don’t know how to cook meat like we do. Who am I kidding – offense was very much meant.

For those of you looking for more information about Texas (and other, inferior) styles of barbecue, this article on eater has a lot of great information.


11 Penguin


Hi yall,

The first thing you may be thinking is – “what a weird name for a website”. Allow me to explain.

I grew up in Texas on 11 Penguin Street (don’t try to check on maps, there are a number of places that have this address), and when I was a kid I basically started using 11penguin as a screen name on AOL and other such ancient websites. I got used to the name, and it basically stuck with me through my teenage years and nowadays I basically use it for everything that I do online. I still live in Texas (although not at 11 Penguin any longer), and I’m a full time programmer and web developer. I called this site 11Penguin because that’s my online identity, and I plan to basically broadcast my thoughts to the world from right here. Things I may talk about include gaming (I spend far too much time gaming), web development and programming (and really anything else technology related that may be linked to my work/of interest to me professionally) and obviously the great best State of Texas. Also, as a red blooded american male, I am interested in both acquiring and eating meat – by acquiring meat, I of course mean hunting. By eating meat, I mean exactly that – and in particular I like a good old Texas style barbecued brisket – that North Carolina sour vinegar nonsense is not for me.

I occasionally may stray in politics on this blog, and if you don’t like it, well that’s too damned bad for you – ain’t nobody forcing you to read this blog. I’m libertarian leaning on most issues, but more than that, I’m a practical person – and practicality in something sorely lacking in American leadership at this moment. As far as I’m concerned, both congress and the white house are doing an awful job, and I feel like the American people should use the next presidential election in 2016 to vote every single incumbent out of office – maybe then we’d get some competent leadership from one of the parties.

There may be those of you who read this blog who might think that they know my identity in real life. I’d politely ask you to stop thinking about it, and if you can’t help it , then stop reading. The whole point of having this little corner of the internet to myself is so that I can broadcast my unfiltered thoughts and ideas to the world (or to whatever poor soul happens to be reading). It is by definition a narccisitic, vain exercise – I’m writing to nobody for pretty much no reason. If you happen to come across this blog via some absurd internet deep dive, you should know that the intention of the blogger here is not neccesarily for people to read it – that part is incidental. This is just a safe space for me to put my thoughts down on metaphorical paper – a place to rant about what I want, talk about the things I like, and so on. If you’re offended by something here or you think I’m wrong – well, I don’t particularly care. Feel free to contact me through the contact page, but if I were you I wouldn’t expect a response unless you send me something that is actually interesting to me.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

Texas is the best.

Barbecue is delicious.

11Penguin out.


5 Reasons You Need Internet Privacy Tools

  • December 22, 2015 at 7:44 am

To get a better idea about what internet privacy is and isn’t I reached out to my buddy that is an internet guru on many fronts. He runs Vibranium SEO which is a top rated Tulsa SEO agency and he knows a lot about search engines but also a lot about how to stay anonymous and private online. He added a lot to this article and I thank him for his help.

Given how much I am about protecting our rights, you can be sure that I’m all about keeping your privacy online as much as possible. It amazes me though that If you were to ask most people if they need internet privacy tools, you would probably get many people saying they don’t think they do. You may be among those that believe utilizing these tools only hints that you are hiding something, and might even cause a sense of guilt in some.

However the truth is that you don’t need to be a spammer, hacker, or criminal to require personal internet privacy devices. Internet privacy is important for regular people like you– for numerous reasons. Privacy software will assist in helping keep you secure from identity theft, guard your passwords, personal information, ensure your rights of free speech and personal privacy. Basically if you do anything online in this day and age, you can use internet privacy tools and benefit immensely from it.

Internet Privacy Tools Protect You From Identity Theft

Hackers and identity thieves can find big quantities of your personal info right on your desktop computer or laptop. Most of the time, when you delete something from your computer system, the info is not entirely removed from your system. Exactly what you thought was gone really remains, and can be rapidly found by professional hackers that know where to look for this valuable information. Documents, email messages, and other files consisting of individual info can fall into the incorrect hands– people desiring to get credit cards, bank accounts and/or steal your identity.

Privacy Tools Help Keep Your Passwords Safe

The majority of web internet browsers today can save passwords for the sites that you go to regularly. While this feature is something that makes our lives easier and is practical for us, wrongdoers can commonly find and utilize these details to access your e-mail accounts, electronic banking, and credit card accounts.

Personal Privacy Tools Ensure Your Rights

The rights of free speech and personal privacy are universal to humanity – no matter the nation she or he may live in. Everyone should be able to speak their mind without stressing whether what they’re stating is popular and could get them in trouble in some way. Likewise, individuals must be free to surf the internet for info without having to fret about being tracked by somebody else. Personal privacy devices protect these fundamental human rights despite what government you live under, you can enjoy more freedoms without having to look over your shoulder constantly.

Privacy Tools Enhance System Speed

As you check out the internet, numerous files can wind up getting on your computer without you knowing and they can slow your computer down. Some of these are harmless ‘cookies’ that help you access sites such as Amazon.com, however others have a more wicked purpose. Spyware can even end up on your computer system, allowing hackers and criminals to track every step you make online. Also by not having these cookies on your computer you will have a faster machine and web surfing capabilities.

Securing your web privacy is absolutely necessary for protecting you and your household from those who want to harm you– it has nothing to do with having something to hide from the government or law enforcement.

An Intense Cross Fit Workout is All You Need, So Stop Whining

  • November 27, 2015 at 12:31 pm

An Intense Cross Fit Workout is All You Need, So Stop WhiningYou might be one of those people who struggle with weight gain, but still gets stuck with the same problem months or even years after realizing you have this issue. You end up whining about this issue over and over again. You might even say that you have tried everything that you possibly could to lose weight. Well, you might just not be doing enough to shed off that weight. If you wish to solve this problem, then it is in your best interest to go for something more intense. Instead of devoting your time whining about your weight problem, you better try something else to put an end to it.

Try cross fit

While you are thinking about losing weight, why not try something that would actually make it happen? Instead of complaining that your techniques are not worth it, why not go for something many people have already vouched for? Cross fit is an intense workout technique that combines some of the most difficult moves out there. They can cause injury if not done right. You need help from experts to do the techniques. They might also cause muscle pains especially when you are really into it. Of course, everything will pay off. You will not just lose weight, but you will also show off those muscles you have always longed to have. You might not even recognize yourself as soon as the results start kicking in. Even those who have been doing fitness routines for years have tried cross fit since they were amazed with the results.

Not for the weak people

Now that you know just how good this workout technique is, it is time for you to decide if you will go for it or not. Will you be just like all other Texans who keep eating when they have weight issues and saying that they are “depressed,” or will you go for a proven workout technique and start shaking things up now? The decision is ultimately yours. It is just important for you to realize that this is a serious training and it requires your full dedication and attention. If you really want to see the results, then you have to work harder.

Be prepared

If you have decided to give it a try, you might want to start by having the right outfit. Of course, you can wear any appropriate gym clothing you have. You just need a better pair of shoes. You need one that is designed for cross fit. The good thing is that you can now buy the best crossfit shoes, particularly the best affordable crossfit shoes. You just have to check out which of the best shoes for crossfit are the best shoes for crossfit workout and are perfect for you and then give them a try. These shoes will at least help you avoid injuries while doing the intense workout. They are also meant to last for a long time.

You will not regret this decision for sure especially if you have started seeing the results of your hard work.

A Lot of Products These Days are Not What You Expect Them to Be

  • November 27, 2015 at 12:27 pm

A Lot of Products These Days are Not What You Expect Them to BeAs a father, it is important for me that my kids get what they deserve to have. They should not settle for anything less. This is why I easily get frustrated when I intend to buy something or I have already bought something that is not what I expected it to be. These days, companies have mastered the art of advertising that they can sell even the worst of products to customers. It is totally disappointing. They should remain truthful to their promises. Even if there are laws against false advertising, there are still a lot of them who dare to test people. A lot of customers don’t bother complaining though especially if they have not spent a lot.

For me, I believe it has to stop. If we won’t voice things out now, they will continue manipulating us. They have already done it a lot in the past and it is time to stand up against them. When they want to earn their customers’ trust, then they have to stay honest to what they advertise. They have to be true to their words.


Start with boycotting products

Let other parents know about how you feel and what your experiences are with certain products. If you have been disappointed or you feel like you did not get your money’s worth, it is time for other people to know about it. Call for the boycott of those products. They need to learn their lessons. If they start eliminating their trusted clients, then they will change their practices for sure. However, before you start calling for this move, you need to be certain that those products are really of poor quality even if you have spent a lot.


Say something nice too

Just because you have complained against some companies, it does not mean you have to be quiet about good companies. In fact, saying something nice about other companies will even help overshadow the ones that are not good enough. When people see that there are better options out there, they will reconsider and go for the choice that you have mentioned. For instance, when it comes to strollers, you can write stroller reviews, particularly jogging double stroller reviews. Writing reviews will let other people know about the good products that you have tried and how they can land with the best choices possible. You can also give information on the best double prams.


Be an authority

When you complain about certain companies, try your best to not appear like a bully or a whiner. You need to look like an authority. Write reviews in details. Explain the reasons why you like or dislike a product. You need to be as truthful as you possibly could. Otherwise, it is difficult for others to believe what you say. When you are convincing enough, then you are guaranteed that people will believe you. To top it all, you need to have good intentions. The purpose here is to not put others down, but to make sure that parents get only the best for their kids.

Texans, It’s Time to Stay Healthy

  • November 27, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Texans, It’s Time to Stay HealthyPeople know Texans for their great barbecues and doing everything in huge sizes. This also comes with the idea that Texans are unhealthy people. This might seem offensive, but it is actually true. Texas is among the states that have the highest obesity rate. It is also the go to place for people who wanted to eat a lot. There is nothing with it especially when it comes to building a brand. In fact, Texas has attracted a lot of tourists over the years for this image. Sadly, it is not a good thing for the children of Texas. When this trend continues, these kids will surely have a hard time living a healthy lifestyle as they grow older. Therefore, as responsible individuals, it is high time to break the habit and stay healthy. We still wanted to be seen as the city where everything is big and maintain that go big or go home image. However, when it comes to what we eat, we need to slow down a bit.

Start with beverages

It might be difficult to let go of delicious and tasty meat when you have been used to it. Letting go of beers and partying might not be that difficult though so you can start with it. If you are the type who loves spending your weekends drinking beer and going to country clubs, then it is time to change that routine. You can still go to club and listen to your favorite bands, but you need to stop drinking beer. You can always have fun without drinking a beverage that will do nothing but leave you with a huge belly. At home, you can also start juicing. Instead of buying a bottle of soda each time you eat, you can prepare a healthy fruit or vegetable juice instead. Try searching for the best juicers for the budget when you don’t have one just yet. You can also read some juicer reviews if you want the best juicer to buy or a cold press juicer. It might be difficult to adjust at first, but you will soon get used to it.

Control what you eat

If you still can’t remove certain dishes from your diet, it is just fine. You just have to control the size of what you eat instead. This will help ensure that you don’t get big. You also have to educate your kids to follow the same thing. You can cut what you eat in half all the time. If not, you can let go of certain meals such as midnight snacks or late dinner. You can eat more during the day though. You can also buy smaller plates just to help you adjust the size of your food intake.

It’s time to change

No one else will help you change other than yourself. You also owe it to your kids to stay healthy. There is nothing wrong in proving to others that you are a true blue Texan. You just don’t have to follow the stereotype. There are other ways for you to show that you really love your state.

Daniel Came to Town

  • November 23, 2015 at 12:46 pm

I had a friend from college, Daniel, come into town the other day. He is going to be moving down here for next couple months because of work. He is a travel nurse and gets to work all over the country. He has been doing this for years and makes over $100,000 per year. The companies he works for always cover is moving costs and give him short term housing allowance.

Travel nurses make an average of $85,000 per year. Coming out of school, they are set to make a salary of just under $70,000. That is a nice chunk of change. These nurses get paid very well because there are not enough of them hospitals at the moment. Until the labor market catches up to the demand, these high salaries will not change.

Sometimes he gets me thinking this. “Gee. What did not I get into that.” When we were in college, I used to make fun of him by saying nursing was only for girls. He got the last laugh. He got a good job out of college and makes more money now than most people I know. He has got the right idea and applaud him for sticking to what wanted despite the criticism.

Anyway, he came to down and I wanted to introduce him properly to my home state of Texas. I took him out for barbeque food. I took him to my favorite restaurant in the area. He loved it and now understands why people are so fat in Texas. It is because they have great food and no self-control. That is usually a dangerous combination. I have come to embrace and be happy with it.

Daniel was more surprised by the number of overweight anything else he had seen so far in Texas. Daniel is originally from northern New Jersey. People are a lot thinner in the northeast region of the United States. I do not know why the northeast has less fat people than in the Texas. Don’t we all eat the same food? I guess not.

Daniel has seen a good portion of the United Stated in his eight years as a travel nurse. I asked him if Texas stood out to him somehow. Daniel said people in Texas have a lot of Texan pride. They believe they are as  much Texan as they are American. I have to agree with this. Texan pride runs far and deep. I told Daniel that aspect of Texas takes some getting used to.

Other than that, he is adjusting well.  He figured out his was around the city. The also has a cheap place right outside the heart of the city.  Daniel is doing pretty well for himself. I would just urge to watch this political views. He could really tick off the wrong people with that liberal jargon he tells everyone else once in awhile. Nonetheless, Daniel will be here for a little while longer so he will have plenty to grow.


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Why Today’s Texans Should Still Learn Traditional Chores

Why Today's Texans Should Still Learn Traditional ChoresBack then, kids in Texas help a lot in household chores. You can see them do the heavy lifting. This is true especially for men. They repair cars, help in the farm, raise animals, and carry heavy stuff. These days, it is no longer the same. It is so difficult to make these kids move. They are all glued to their phones. When you ask them to do something, they will frown and walk out. This is extremely disappointing. For someone who has lived in a traditional Texan household, I feel frustrated with what I see. It seems like our traditional values are gone. Not that I am a hard line conservative, but I just want simple values to stay for the generations to come.


A parental responsibility

I personally believe that Texan parents have the responsibility to ensure that their kids grow in an environment that is not heavily affected by modernization. They must not be spoiled. They should also do things that might be deemed uncomfortable for them. This might not be an easy task for them, but it will surely make them a better person. It will also prepare them for all the challenges that they could face in life. These might just be simple tasks at home, but they are a perfect way to discipline them and instill positive values.


Start with chainsaws

If you want them to learn difficult but useful tasks, then go for chainsaws. Most Texan men know how to use one. They can be used for logging, chopping and sawing. They come in different sizes and power. If you want your kids to feel safe, you can start with the simpler version. You can also start with smaller tasks. You can just move forward with something heavier later when you feel like your kids are ready for it. For now, you can just take a look at how they operate the equipment. It is also a must that you guide them and teach them safety procedures before starting.

You also have to make sure that you are using the right chainsaws. This equipment might be useful, but they can be extremely dangerous. You have seen several movies on how dangerous they can be. If not used properly, it spells disaster. The same thing is true when you don’t use the right brand. You can read about chainsaw reviews online so you will know which chainsaw is perfect for beginners. You can also check out the best chainsaw for home use if there are other tasks that you need to get done using the chainsaw.


Being responsible

Teaching your kids heavy stuff at home is not a way of punishing them. You have to be clear that the goal is to make them learn. They should not feel bad. After all, you have gone though the same challenges when you were growing up. You just have to explain things to them. For sure, they will value your efforts and will continue the Texan tradition for the generations to come.

How The Government Is Destroying Our Healthcare

Being someone who believes in personal responsibility and ultimate freedom that this country was founded on, it’s entertaining to watch and see just how bad the government screws things up when they decide to get involved in something. I say it’s funny because I have to laugh at it, or I get so angry about it that I throw things at my television, and I’d rather not have to pay for another TV. So I choose to laugh. The latest incarnation of this is how the government is literally destroying health care as we know it.

I won’t go into how the cronies got the Affordable Care Act passed with lies and deception (although, that is a story in itself), but I’ll just simply start with how the whole thing was sold on a misconception. Remember the whole “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” statement? I could rest my case on that alone, but that would be too easy and wouldn’t provide me with nearly enough satisfaction.

Being an intelligent American, I understand that I don’t know all the ins and outs when it comes to health care or how the government has directly affected it. So I contacted an expert on the matter to help in understanding all this and solidify my point. I went searching online and stumbled upon www.hometownbenefitsgroup.com and saw they have been selling health insurance, auto insurance and even dental plans in Missouri for years now. I figured they would be a great resource to see how it was before “Obamacare” and how it’s been after it. I got in touch with Brandon Roerick, who is one of the co-founders, and he gave me some great insight.

Brandon said the biggest immediate change that the law brought on was the fact that nobody could be denied coverage any longer. This is a double sided coin because while this is great for people who had a hard time getting coverage in the past, this meant that high-risk people had to be covered and inherently insurance rates would go up… and they have done just that. Brandon also said that how much you pay for health insurance now isn’t really tied to your current health status, but it’s about how much money you make. Basically, if you don’t make much money, then you will pay substantially less. If you are someone who does pretty well for yourself, you will be paying double or even triple what you were previously paying for insurance.

He also told me that there is now a 4-month window when you can get insurance. If you don’t get it in that window, then you’re basically out of luck. Not to mention, the government will fine you for not having health insurance when it comes tax time. As if taxes weren’t bad enough, am I right?

I can honestly say I knew health insurance was a mess, but I really didn’t know the extent of the mess as it is now after talking with Brandon. My blood was boiling when I heard him tell me how much it has changed and how those changes were basically going to cost me thousands of dollars more a year just because I make a decent living for me and my family. Ultimately, I think this whole thing is being set up to try and become a single payer system (like Canada) where the government is in complete control of the entire healthcare system. I can say that if that happens, I truly hope the great state of Texas decides to become the great country of Texas and I can find somewhere else to plant my flag. So in terms of how the experiment is going of the government controlling healthcare, I can say, without a doubt, that it’s a mess. But really, would you expect anything else from the government?

Texans, Your Watch Tells Something about Your Economic Status

Texans, Your Watch Tells Something about Your Economic StatusThere are a lot of indicators of your economic status. You might have a brand new car or a beautiful house. One of the more interesting indicators though is your watch. Texans in the past really give importance to their watches. They use it for the best time for hunting. They also use it to check the time when preparing for huge events. This is why a lot of Texans invested on high quality watches before. You can also check the best watch for hunting and even buy one like many people did before.

Now, try getting your watch and think of how long it has been in your possession. If you can’t even remember when you started using it, then it tells a lot about your current economic status. You can never tell if you are wealthy or not by looking at items you currently have that are deemed as necessities. Take a look at items you have that may or may not be important or are considered accessories such as watches. These days, you may or may not wear it and it does not really matter.

If you have a lot of other priorities, you might not even think about buying a new watch anymore. This leaves you with the same watch for years. You might think that this is a crazy comparison, but it is actually true. When you cannot invest on items that may be important, then something is wrong with your finances. You are not really as wealthy as you think you are.


Change your ways

When you don’t have enough money to invest on items such as watches, then it is high time to change your spending attitude. You might spend a lot on items that are not meant to last long. You also have to cut back on activities that you can live without. If you seem to party at all times, you might want to stop doing it. If you have unnecessary vacations, then you must stop doing them. This is just one way for you to save money and eventually afford a watch you deserve to have.

If you think you are working hard and you are really spending your money wisely, the problem might be the current economic setup in Texas. As always, the economy is designed in such a way where the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. This is why even if you work really hard, you don’t achieve the results that you wanted to see. It might be high time to take a look at the people you elect for office and change them now. They might not be the best people doing the job. Texas is always a Republican state. If you think that your life has not been better under their governance, you might want to look for alternative options.


Buy a new watch

When you have finally realized what causes your financial problems, you can go ahead and buy what you deserve- a new watch! You deserve something better in life because you work really hard. Check out useful watch reviews so you won’t end up buying the wrong item.

You Don’t Have to be a Stereotypical Texan by Always Going Big!

  • September 27, 2015 at 12:46 am

You might always hear the line that in Teas, you either go big or go home. Sadly though, a lot of people take this too literally. When they hear this line, they always think about food. Well, this is what most people think too. Restaurants serving dishes in huge proportions don’t help either. They simply prove that Texans are greedy, fat people who don’t care about their health. Yes, some Texans might be like this, but not everyone is! There are those who don’t want to live by this stereotype. You don’t have to either. It is high time to change what people think about us, Texans. Yes, we want things big in this state, but definitely not our body!

Time for change

When you are used to eating a lot because that’s just how it is in Texas, you need to change your ways. Being big is no longer attractive. A healthy looking body is better. Even during special occasions, you don’t have to prepare dishes served in huge sizes just to say that you are a genuine Texan. Aside from hurting your family, you also hurt your guests. Besides, going big in just about everything is expensive. In today’s time, it does not help if you keep splurging on things that you don’t really need.

Why do you have to go big when just the right size is enough? In fact, when you have tried going big for years, it is high time to cut off. If you have eaten huge amounts of food as your regular diet, it is time to reduce what you eat. If not, you can at least go big on healthy dishes. It is still going big after all.

Go big on better things

If you just can’t let go of being a stereotypical Texan, you can at least try to divert it on some other things. For instance, if you really want to go big, then go big on your fitness exercises. If you spend no time hitting the gym, you might want to go for at least an hour this time. If you are just satisfied with the usual brisk walk, you might up your game a bit and go for treadmill or biking,

If you still don’t want any of these things, then you can at least try a cellulite massager. This is still another way of reducing way without necessarily straying away from your idea of going big. This device is expected to produce drastic results. Thus, it is still heading for big changes after all. If you want to look better, then you might have to give cellulite massager here a try.

Stop the stereotype now

You are a much better Texan than you are if you stop going for the stereotype. It is time to prove other people that Texans can be known for some other things. Staying healthy can be one of them. There is nothing wrong in going big only if this is beneficial. Otherwise, it will just make us look like stupid people.

Cleaning the House is Better than Spending Time Watching a Useless Republican Debate

  • September 21, 2015 at 6:01 pm

Cleaning the House is Better than Spending Time Watching a Useless Republican DebateOnce again, the presidential election season is back. We are once again forced to choose from among politicians who don’t deserve any of our support. They are the same people who have fooled us over the years and continue doing so up to now. They are good with words, but never in action. Thus, I have grown tired over the years, but my love for this country taught me to still care after all.

Thus, when the Republican presidential debate was up, I thought of tuning in just to find out what our future leaders have to say about it. Being in Texas, a huge Republican state, I joined my neighbors in watching the debate. While most of them were cheering when these leaders say something against Democrat leaders, I didn’t feel the same way. In fact, I am totally irritated with what has been going on. They are all the same. They have no clear policies.

There is a clown leading the race who does nothing but to insult others. Donald Trump is a clear example of why the world hates the US. Carly Fiorina came from behind with her great rhetoric. However, she is nothing but a liar. She plays with emotions, but she keeps on lying to advance her points. The rest are extreme right-wingers who are hypocritical to say the least. They keep on pointing out about being evangelicals and God-loving leaders, but they are pro-war and they don’t care about struggling immigrants and middle-class. They don’t want to increase the minimum wage, but they want to reduce taxes for huge corporations and pretend that it is for the benefit of ordinary people. 3 hours of long and useless debate made by blood pressure surge so I decided to leave the room and go back to my house. I got nothing from this debate but anger. Hence, to calm myself down, I decided to clean up my house.


Taking care of carpets

After arriving home, I realized that my carpets are so dirty. For sure, those politicians could only care less if I can afford to buy a new one. They have great carpets at home for sure. Since I am on a tight budget, I started looking for the best carpet cleaners for sale. I was surprised to see the options. When I found the right one to address my carpet cleaning needs, I decided to buy it right away and started cleaning. When you try looking for the best home carpet cleaner online, the most effective strategy is to read reviews. This will ensure that you end up with the right choice.

After buying the carpet cleaner, I started dealing with stains that have gone unnoticed for years. After everything was over, it seems like I have just bought a new carpet. I was already thinking of replacing the old one, but I am so glad I didn’t.

Well, it was an hour well spent. If I decided to finish watching the debate, I could not have accomplished something for my home.